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True Amateurs is a website focusing on… what else but TRUE amateurs. Unlike many other paysites, this one offers an expensive, diverse library featuring… you guessed it – REAL couples. The movies were all filmed at home and all offer palpable sexual chemistry from some of the most entertaining tandems. Some of the newcomers/non-professional models that appeared in True Amateurs scenes went to make a name for themselves in the industry. That’s how good they are!

What separates this specific collection of user-submitted, amateur content from the rest? First and foremost, there’s the fact that the passion is genuine here: there are no fake orgasms, over-the-top moaning, and other things that get real annoying real freaking fast. Not every scene features the same four positions over and over again since every couple is real/different and everyone enjoys different things.

At present, there are over 335 different movies available in up to Ultra-HD 4k quality. There are close to 130 different real amateur girlfriends featured in these scenes, including women that went on to pursue a full-time career in the world of adult entertainment. The sex tapes are spread across 16 different amateur porn categories, including Rough, Anal, Squirt, and Footjob, just to name a few. It’s not the biggest line-up of varied XXX niches, BUT they did make sure that there’s something for everyone, so we can’t really complain. We are more than happy to say that all the scenes featured on the site are 100% exclusive, meaning you won’t find them elsewhere. As a bonus, you get access to 500+ amateur home movies provided by GF Revenge.

The bottom line is… You need to pay True Amateurs a visit ASAP to see what they have to offer with your own two eyes. On the surface, it might seem like yet another amateur sex site akin to ALS Scan or Girls Out West, but as cliché as it might sound, it offers something different. Something that will make you cum like crazy. Please enjoy everything they have to offer after you pay this site a visit!

UPD! Now this is just channel of SpiceVids and you can try it as 3 day trial for $1.99


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