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StasyQ porn review

Stasy Q was conceived as a counterpoint to several trends that were emerging in the “mainstream” pornography at the time: fake orgasms, fake women, over-the-top fucking, etc. The website vows to usher in “the new generation of erotic art.” Now that’s a lofty goal, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Let’s examine all the things that this site did right. All the things that earned it the well-deserved recognition.

The videos all focus on softcore teasing from some of the prettiest models out there. The women in question are not exactly famous, which works to their advantage. Seeing a Tori Black type pretend to be this random model that’s working her ass off in order to seduce you is kind of weird because it would be impossible to shake off the feeling of fakeness. After all, it’s just Tori Black playing a character! Anyways, the approach they take here is 100% artistic with creative use of light and dark, shadows, Dutch angles, and Kuleshov effect.

With close to 300 different scenes to choose from, it will never get boring. All the videos can be played in up to Ultra-HD 4k, all can be downloaded with no limits at all. Accompanying every scene, there’s an erotic gallery with a bunch of high-resolution pictures. As a bonus, you get an erotic blog, various interviews from beautiful European models, several interactive elements, etc. Keep in mind that most of the fresher scenes can be accessed in VR as well.

To wrap it up, let’s examine the competition first. There are many similar “glamour porn” projects that spring to mind, including FTV Girls, Digital Desire, and X-Art. In our humble opinion, though, none of them offer the same level of uniqueness and novelty. There’s just something so special, something so precious about the way StasyQ scenes are filmed, edited, and put together. We are going to recommend this site to each and every single person that’s even remotely interested in solo content and glamcore porn. At least pay the site a visit to see what the fuss is all about, y’know?

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