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She Does Anal porn review

She Does Anal is a sexy site focusing on what else but hardcore sodomy. Their content is shockingly varied – it revolves around painal, first-time sodomy, anal threesomes, lesbo ass fucking, and several other variations. Even though there’s a clear main theme, the content never feels repetitive or derivative. It’s not a small feat to accomplish, especially considering the fact that assfucking has become somewhat of a mainstay in the realm of mainstream pornography, so people don’t really value it as much as they should.

There are over 300 scenes available on the site at present. Some are exclusive and some are not. Some are recent and some feature old-timey Russian pornstars such as Olga Barz and Jessica Miller. Kind of makes you feel all warm and nostalgic inside. Anyways, there’s not a lot to discuss in terms of numbers as of right now because the website only launched a few months ago.

The most important claims include:
4k Quality and Full HD (true)
Exclusive Content (there ARE some exclusive scenes, so it’s kinda true)
Daily updates (not true?)
Multiple formats (true)
Mobile compatible (true)

Look, let’s be real right here - She Does Anal is NOT the greatest anal-themed site out there, but we are willing to write all the shortcomings off because it’s so new. Give them a couple of years and they will fix all the issues, we feel like. As of right now, we are only ready to half-recommend She Does Anal.

This site will entertain people that:
Want to bask in their nostalgia for mid-to-late ‘00s Russian porn
Really really REALLY love anal

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