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At its most basic, Nutaku can be described as a collection of porn games (both available for mobile AND PC). Some folks out there say that they don’t really have the time/energy to enjoy sex games, so most of the titles allow cross-platform play, which is not something you should overlook. After all, this little feature helped revolutionize mainstream gaming as well. Anyways, let’s examine what this site has to offer in order to formulate an educated opinion. Is Nutaku actually worth your time?

To this day, Nutaku offers one of the broadest and most exciting collections of adult games. You can pick and choose between dating sims, puzzle games, RPGs, jRPGs, clickers, card games, visual novels, and beyond. Most of the titles available can be played for free and there are no microtransactions involved at all. It really is a welcome change of pace, isn’t it? Some of the most in-demand games include Chick Wars, Non Stop Goddess, Crystal Maidens, and Booty Calls. Naturally, it’s only the tip of this monumental, fully interactive porno iceberg.

The games are split into three different sections: Browser (can be played in your browser), Downloadable (can be downloaded), and Mobile (can be accessed on mobile devices, including Android and iOS). There are no annoying ads, no pestering you to purchase a premium membership or buy something using in-game currency. The presentation itself is more than appealing and new members get free tokens that they spend while playing their favorite porn games.What do we have in the end? As far as interactive adult entertainment goes, Nutaku can easily become the go-to source for porn games by the end of this year. They’ve been far too good for far too long, so it’s becoming impossible to ignore them. We believe that you’re going to have a great time with these games because no matter what you seek, it can be found/accessed for free over at Nutaku. This site’s generosity never ceases to amaze us! Pay it a visit right away if you’re interested in porn games.


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